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Things To Do After Getting Engaged

January 4, 2017



Your Engaged! Congratulation! It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, your finally getting married!
It’s an exciting time in your life and I know you can’t wait to share the news and start planning your dream wedding. My little sister just got engaged and ever since her proposal she has not stop asking me wedding related questions. Planning a wedding can be very exciting and overwhelming at the same time. All the advice I’ve been sharing with her got me thinking about how I can also help you begin your wedding planning.
Here are a few things to do after getting engaged…

  1. Celebrate!

    This is a really exciting time in your life. Engagements are such a short time in your life and chances are you’ll only be engaged once.  So take the time to celebrate and enjoy the moment. Pop some bubbly and just soak it all in. Host an engagement party or have a special date night to commemorate the occasion. Your getting married! Don’t let this moment slip away before the wedding planning madness begins.

  2. Share the News.

     Before you share your engagement on Instagram and Facebook tell your parents and your best friend the good news.  Trust me you don’t want to miss their reaction, it makes it all the more fun. These are the people who love you most and they will appreciate hearing the news directly from you. Once your family knows you’ve said yes to the man of your dreams, take a ring selfie and share it to your hearts content with the rest of the world.

  3. Dream. 

    Before you get caught up in all the wedding logistics, all the planning and all the to-do lists take some time to just dream a little. Just dream about your wedding style, how do you want your wedding day  to look and feel? Dreamy and elegant,classic and  modern, or  vintage and chic, the possibilities are endless.You may already have your perfect wedding pinned on pintrest or you may just be starting to think about it, Either way take sometime to envision and explore all the prettiness. You may fall in love with a new idea, such as getting married in a little villa in Italy or you may realize you love eucalyptus in flower arrangements. You have no idea what will inspire you and what you’ll fall in love with

  4. Choose a Date & Location. 

    Or at least have a rough  timeline of when and where you’d like to get married. As soon as you announce your engagement everyone will ask dying to know when the big day is. Start by considering what time of year you’d love to have your wedding, spring, or fall? Maybe it’s on the month you met each other? Once you’ve establish a few potential dates consider the location. Perhaps you’d love to get married where your family vacationed every summer or maybe you’ve had your heart set on a destination wedding in Europe. Having a general idea on the date and location will help other details start falling into place.

  5. Budget.

    Setting a budget early in the planning process is one of the most important steps. Your budget will play a determining role in every aspect of your big day. Start by establishing a total budget and then think about what you value most as a couple (are you a foodie? Are your wedding photos most important to you?  Do you dream of lush florals everywhere).   Your wedding budget will determine what to prioritize and how to divided up the money. Doing this at the beginning of the wedding planning process gives you time to save if you need to.

I hope these 5 steps help you get started on your wedding planning. Remember your wedding is a celebration of your love and the life you will build together.  You’ve said yes to forever to the man you love and cherish. Throughout the wedding process remember what it’s all really about, take a deep breath, and have fun!


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