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  Your Engaged! Congratulation! It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, your finally getting married! It’s an exciting time in your life and I know you can’t wait to share the news and start planning your dream wedding. My little sister just got engaged and ever since her proposal she has not stop asking me wedding related questions. Planning a […]

For the Bride & Groom

Their love story is the kind of love story you never imagine happening in real life. Listening Torend and Christina recount their love story, give you chills. You can see how God delicately intertwined there lives to come together in the most perfect way. You can’t help but thank how amazing and good God is. He carefully planned each and every moment. Giving them a flood of signs they couldn’t ignore along the way.


Christina and Torend knew from the first day they laid eyes on each other that they were going to get married. It’s a fairy tale story that you only hear about in Disney movies and romance novels but it is absolutely their story. God had destined these two to be together and orchestrated their relationship in a way that only God can.


With wedding slow season still in full swing I thought I’d take the time on the blog to post a few shoots, weddings that have never made it to the blog… So to start out this lovely Romeo and Juliet shoot that I did a while back and still makes my heart swoon. I think […]